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Los Angeles Voluntary Manslaughter LawyerLos Angeles Voluntary Manslaughter Lawyer

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If you’ve been charged with voluntary manslaughter in Los Angeles, the most important thing you need to know is the impact that retaining a criminal defense attorney can have on your case. When you need someone fighting to uphold your legal rights and defend you against life-changing criminal charges, the Law Offices of Christopher Chaney are here to help.

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Voluntary Manslaughter Charges in Los Angeles, CA

Manslaughter is the crime of unlawfully killing a human being without malice, as opposed to murder, which is done with malice. Section 192 of the Penal Code establishes manslaughter as a crime in California. Voluntary manslaughter is a separate and more severely punished form of this crime than involuntary manslaughter.

Because the event that gave rise to the manslaughter charges against you involved a loss of human life, you can expect the consequences of a voluntary manslaughter conviction in Los Angeles to be serious. You could spend more than a decade in prison. That’s why it’s worth hiring professional legal representation to defend you against these charges and seek a more positive resolution to your case.

The Areas Our Los Angeles Voluntary Manslaughter Lawyer Serves

Finding a manslaughter defense attorney in Los Angeles, CA, doesn’t have to be complicated. At the Law Offices of Christopher Chaney, we make it easy to consult a knowledgeable manslaughter lawyer by contacting us by phone or online at our office locations in Century City and Van Nuys.

Among the areas of Los Angeles in which we’re prepared to defend clients facing charges of voluntary manslaughter are:

  • Hollywood
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We extend our reach throughout Los Angeles County and beyond, assisting clients in Antelope Valley, Westside, Gateway Cities, San Fernando Valley, and elsewhere in Southern California.

What Is Voluntary Manslaughter?

Under California law, voluntary manslaughter is a type of criminal charge that may arise out of a homicide, or the killing of a human. Section 192 of the California Penal Code defines voluntary manslaughter as arising out of one of two circumstances:

  • A sudden quarrel or
  • Heat of passion

In the crime of manslaughter, the perpetrator didn’t commit the crime with the intent to kill someone but instead killed in response to some form of provocation. Examples of voluntary manslaughter include using lethal force unnecessarily in defense of yourself, someone else, or your property or the unplanned killing of someone in a sudden rage under provocation.

Voluntary manslaughter is considered a less serious crime than murder in either the first or second degree but a more serious violation than involuntary manslaughter.

Voluntary Manslaughter vs. Murder

The difference between a crime of murder and a crime of voluntary manslaughter is an element known as malice aforethought. Murder requires some form of malice, while manslaughter does not.

Being charged with manslaughter rather than murder is typically a factor that works in your favor because the penalties are less severe. You won’t be facing the death penalty, a life sentence, or 15 to 25 years in prison if you are convicted of a charge of manslaughter rather than murder.

Often, a defendant will originally be charged with murder, and voluntary manslaughter is a secondary charge. You might face manslaughter charges when one of the following has occurred:

  • Your attorney has negotiated on your behalf to downgrade the murder charge to this lesser charge in a plea bargain.
  • The prosecution has determined that it doesn’t have the evidence to prove that you acted with either a deliberate intention to take a life or without provocation.
  • A jury has decided that the evidence presented at your trial supports the charge of voluntary manslaughter rather than murder.

A skilled criminal law attorney can develop a defense strategy that is as compelling as possible for your situation. A strong defense can improve the likelihood of less serious charges (such as voluntary manslaughter as compared to murder) and lighter sentences, such as a shorter term of imprisonment.

Voluntary Manslaughter vs. Involuntary Manslaughter

A charge of voluntary manslaughter doesn’t mean that the death was accidental. Rather, the killing was provoked by the heat of passion or a sudden quarrel or attack.

That’s different from involuntary manslaughter, which is the charge used for the killing of a human that is unintentional but resulted from an unlawful act that doesn’t constitute a felony or from a risky action in the course of otherwise lawful acts.

Penalties for Voluntary Manslaughter in Los Angeles, California

Although voluntary manslaughter charges are less serious than murder charges, you shouldn’t underestimate the sentences you could be facing. Under Section 193 of the California Penal Code, if convicted of voluntary manslaughter, you’re looking at a potential sentence of at least three years in state prison.

Three years is a comparably light sentence for voluntary manslaughter. This charge may be punished by up to 11 years of imprisonment. It’s not out of the question that you could spend more than a decade behind bars if you are convicted of voluntary manslaughter in Los Angeles.

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Although the penalties that may apply in a manslaughter case are serious, the situation isn’t hopeless. Bringing on an experienced manslaughter defense attorney in Los Angeles, CA, can help you put your best foot forward in pursuit of lesser charges, lighter sentences, a favorable plea deal, or a not-guilty verdict.

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