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The Los Angeles drug lawyers at the Law Office of Christopher Chaney can defend your future if you are facing drug-related criminal charges in Southern California.

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Drug charges are among the most common and most harshly prosecuted crimes in California.  If you have been charged with a drug-related crime in or around Los Angeles, Long Beach, or Santa Monica, you must seek the counsel of a skilled Los Angeles drug lawyer who will work for your best interests, fight to secure your rights, and aggressively defend the charges against you.


You can find all of that and more at the Law Office of Christopher Chaney. We’re the Los Angeles drug lawyers you can count on.

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Drug abuse can destroy lives long before the criminal justice system gets involved. Once an arrest is made and charges are filed, the effects can be even more devastating. At the Law Office of Christopher Chaney, we know that those charged with drug crimes often need rehabilitation and compassion instead of harsh criminal penalties, and this philosophy drives everything we do both in and out of the courtroom.

If you are facing drug charges in Southern California, trusted criminal defense attorney Christopher Chaney and his team of dedicated Los Angeles drug attorneys have both the experience and empathy you need to effectively fight your charges and begin to get your life back on track. 

Fighting Drug Charges in California


At the Law Office of Christopher Chaney, our Los Angeles CA drug lawyers represent people dealing with a wide range of criminal drug charges. Any drug charge, ranging from drug possession for individual use to large-scale production, transport, or trafficking, can lead to severe, possibly life-altering effects for offenders.


Lawyer for Drug Possession Charges California 

A drug crime conviction can lead to imprisonment, substantial fines, and registration in a drug treatment program. These penalties should not be taken lightly — you need our Los Angeles criminal law experts on your side.

How a Los Angeles Drug Crime Attorney Can Help


Defenses to a drug arrest and prosecution are as limitless as the methods in which individuals are stopped, investigated, searched, and arrested for the possession of controlled substances. 

Los Angeles criminal defense attorney Christopher Chaney knows that good people make mistakes. He likewise understands that innocent individuals are accused of drug crimes every day, and he is dedicated to fighting for justice. As the drug attorneys Los Angeles counts on, we at the Law Office of Christopher Chaney prepare every case as if it is going to trial. He will listen to your side of the story and present those truths to district attorneys, the judge, or a jury, if needed. As your Los Angeles criminal defense attorney, he will work to have your charges and penalties reduced as much as possible or seek alternatives to prison time like enrollment in California’s drug diversion programs.

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Drug crimes are serious offenses in California. A possible jail sentence and a criminal record may only be the beginning of your troubles. A drug crime conviction can have a negative impact on your employment, finances, and personal life. Therefore, it is important to have an experienced drug attorney who will fight for your rights, freedom, and future. 


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Regardless of your circumstance, you are not alone in your fight. If you or someone you love is facing criminal drug charges, time is of the essence. Contact us today for a free consultation, and we will assist with finding a solution to whatever problem you may face.

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