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"I worked with Chris's law office on a petition for a DVRO. The staff at the office were very helpful and empathetic during a very traumatic and difficult time. They are extremely knowledgeable about domestic violence law. I felt very supported during the filing of the paperwork and the court hearing as well as after the case when I had follow up questions. They listened to my concerns, presented me with options of what to do so that I could make an informed decision, and focused on protecting me in ways I hadn't considered. They also referred me to an excellent process server- I would have had no idea where to look. I specifically worked with Attorney Dawn Dunbar and I was so grateful for her expertise and kindness."

L. C.


"Phenomenal Defense Lawyer! Mr. Chaney had the confidence to intelligently review the facts and circumstances of my case and craft a comprehensive legal strategy to yield the desired results without compromising his ethical and moral obligation. His interpersonal and public speaking skills were extraordinary and on parade; demonstrating a rare ability to articulate the truths of my case in a clear and concise manner before the United States Federal Court. Mr. Chaney's due diligence and commitment to my case far exceeded my expectations of a presumably straight-forward identity theft charge in state and federal courts."

Vinay Anne


"I retained Chris Chaney for a TRO. From day one, he knew what he was doing, and his work was impressive. When we went to the court hearing, Chris was prepared (he did a great job with my declaration and preparing evidence) and when he crossed examined the other party, his questions were short but meaningful. Chris' work was so good that the Judge did not need me to take the stand because Chris did a great job discrediting the other party, my constitutional rights were protected with Chris, and the judge ruled in my favor without me testifying. I strongly recommend Chris for any of your legal work, he will prevail!"

O. K.


"Mr. Chaney and his law firm did an incredible job of helping me navigate through a stressful period of my life. I had a TRO brought against me by a person who had broken my jaw in a nightclub in November 2011. Luckily for me, and through Mr Chaney and his law firms incredible job, the judge threw the TRO in the garbage where it belonged. I will never forget what Mr Chaney and his law firm did for me. I give him my absolute highest recommendation to anyone in need of legal defense. Thank you so much."

Samsum Shadanloo


"I am forever grateful to Chris. Since the first time I spoke to him to tell him about my case, he listened and told me that he could help me. He would always respond to my calls and messages. Lili was also helping me. She is very nice and explained everything to me. Chris was with me during the whole hearing and he defended me. He was so amazing and I recommend him to anyone who needs an attorney. He is amazing and intelligent I am stress-free now. Thank you thank you thank you Chris. "

Emerald G.


"I had an amazing experience with everyone in this office. The team demonstrated exceptional legal expertise and provided me with top-notch representation. They were responsive, attentive, and kept me well-informed throughout the entire process. Thanks to their dedication and hard work, I achieved a favorable outcome. I highly recommend Christopher Chaney for anyone in need of outstanding legal services. 5 stars for the amazing attorney and amazing staff!"

Emily Geld


"Very good attorney that will fight for you. I was out of the country for 2 months and using a different phone number so the office could not get a hold of me. Other lawyers might just drop you as a client, but not Chaney Law. They would call, leave messages and texts, so when I was able to use Wi-Fi I returned they’re call just in time. They were able to get my case DISMISSED!! I’m very grateful to have found such a great attorney. Allison is also great, a very nice and helpful secretary."

Sahak Manoukian


"Mr. Chaney is incredible! We just closed our case today and Christopher Chaney was absolutely amazing! The whole time, he and his assistants helped me with every little detail. I get overwhelmed and confused easily and he helped me with how to file everything as well as clear up exactly how the process works. And WE WON!! He was super sweet and reassured me the whole time, as well as constantly checking up on me. Mr. Chaney made sure my voice was heard."



"Chris Chaney. What else can I say? Chris is an outstanding defense attorney who places his clients, their interests and well-being first and foremost. Chris went up and above and beyond that extra mile to ensure that my case was handled as expeditiously as possible and with a favorable outcome. Professionalism and expertise with a personal touch is why I would recommend his representation and services to anyone looking for a top rate attorney."

Tina Beeman


"A man of integrity, a man who cares. When I first met Mr. Chaney, I saw a man who carried himself with a sense of honesty. I was going through a lot, and thanks to his hard work and dedication, I was able to walk through the biggest battle of my life. With Mr. Chaney and his experience in law, I was able to get the deal of a lifetime and I am forever grateful for his hard work. Thank you for helping me in the biggest battle of my life!"

Miguel Cruz


"We hired Chris for a restraining order case. He took the time to understand our situation. He is very knowledgeable and was great at explaining our options for how to move forward. He always got back to us in a timely manner. He was very respectful and professional when talking to us and dealing with the other attorney. I would recommend him to anyone that needs a good lawyer!"

Alejandra Lewis Cuevas


"I called Mr. Chaney a few times to get advise on my sons case and he was very patient and caring answering all my questions, even after the first “free” call. He must get many calls daily but he remembered me as well as the case a week later. He never pressured me about hiring him and was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. If you need a trustworthy ethical lawyer, Mr. Chaney is your man."

Guille Taylor


"Chris Chaney was a pleasure to work with. Professional, accessible, knowledgeable, patient, and kind, Chris was always willing to go the extra mile. He answered any and all questions and concerns in a prompt and timely manner. I was truly fortunate to have him by my side. The case concluded successfully, and I would not hesitate to work with him in the future."

Sister Sun


"Mr. Chaney went above and beyond to help me with my case when no other firm was willing to do so. He kept in constant communication with me through emails and phone calls, always courteous and professional. I would definitely reach out to him again if needed and I also recommend him to anyone else that needs legal advice or counseling."

Rodney Perry


"I had a literally flawless judicial experience. This was my first and last experience dealing with any sort of issue that requires legal help. After the aid given by this law office, I almost hope I have to use their service again. You would have to have something seriously wrong with you to choose any sort of law office besides these guys. Thanks a million."

Mitchell Seattle


"Christopher was a great help in my brother’s case. My brother was being charged with attempted murder. Chris and his team were able to get his charges dropped to firing a firearm. He was charged for two years! I do admit it can be a little pricy but overall, it was all worth it! I truly recommend Chris and his team, they are the best."

Jennifer Martinez


"Mr. Chaney was extremely helpful! He made sure my voice was heard and I was listened to! Christopher Chaney was extremely clear on how the process works and reassured me every step of the way. I don’t think I could have done it without him or his wonderful assistants! Thank you!"

Fern S.


"Look no further and call Christopher Chaney! He provides 5-star service from beginning to end. He has excellent communication, is extremely responsive, very professional, an excellent negotiator, and is a very savvy and knowledgeable attorney. Top-notch and highly recommended."

Alana Horton


"Mr. Chaney is an amazing human being and an excellent attorney. He always picks up my calls, listens to my concerns, and clams me down. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and wonderful service. He is an example of excellence in the law industry."

Barbara Bolognini


"I didn't know I had a restraining order hearing for me to attend however thank you so much for sending out your advertisements. I reached out to the court, went to the hearing date, and the case got dismissed. Once again thank you. I will highly recommend this law firm."

Gil Val


"Mr. Chaney is the best attorney ever! He helped me through my situation. It took over a year, but he was very patient, very compassionate, and the most understanding human being ever. Fantastic attorney, the worlds best!!!! Thank you Mr. Chaney, you are the best by far!"

Rick Dalglish


"Chris Chaney is a great lawyer who knows a lot and really cares about his clients. He listens, makes sure you’re understood, and fights hard for you in court. Chris is confident but also respectful to everyone. With him as your lawyer, you know you’re in good hands."



"Chris handled a case of mine in 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, and I always got prompt responses and the outmost care when it came to my case. The peace of mind during that time, thanks to Mr. Chaney, is priceless. Thank you so much for all your help!"

Carmen Chavez Jorge


"Like the old saying goes, "if you're going to a cat fight, at least bring a big cat", attorney Chris Chaney was my big cat! Such a huge relief knowing that there is someone that I can trust to help handle things when they get tough. I can't thank him enough."

Michael Moses

Lindsey C.Lindsey C.

"Christopher Chaney is a fantastic attorney! He is intelligent, professional, and provides exceptional service. He is an excellent strategist and truly one of a kind. I personally won’t use anyone else for my legal representation. I highly recommend him!"

Lindsey C


"Christopher Chaney is an excellent defense attorney. He is knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate. His law firm will take care of you and your legal problems. Thank you Chris for all your help."



"Chris made an annoying situation easy for me. He’s a straight shooter and was able to distill all the information presented into a clear breakdown of relevant facts. We won our case and it was zero headache."

Benjamin Leasure


"The best attorney I have ever met. Very efficient, responsive, and caring. He makes you very comfortable and has a positive attitude at a very stressful time in your life. 1000 percent recommended."

Monique Galfiano

Jon M.Jon M.

"Christopher is a great attorney but for me, what really made this experience shine were the helpful Alison and Lili. Thank you for your dedication to helping me and my emergency!"

Jon Mann

Dan M.Dan M.

"As a fellow attorney, I truly appreciate Chris's professionalism and attention to detail. He is smart and competent and I would be glad to have him as a co-counsel on any case."

Dan Melnick


"I had a case almost 20 years ago, but in this time and age, what criminal defense attorney remembers you? This attorney does! Defense with passion and social grace!"

George W


"Chris Chaney is one of the best attorneys in Los Angeles. He is ethical, conscientious, brilliant, and works very hard for his clients. Highly recommended!"

Negin Yamini


"Empathetic and knowledgeable! I felt like Mr. Chaney took the necessary time to listen. He has morals and cares about his clients. Thank you so much."

Moapa Valley


"Chris has helped a lot of people including my family, his professionalism and personal care created an outstanding result. The best lawyer! "

Deanna Drake


"Chris is the best lawyer. He can work miracles. It's amazing what that man can do in a courtroom."

Andrea McDonald

Lindsey F.Lindsey F.

"Incredible attorney and legal team. Forever grateful for their exceptional service and advocacy."

Lindsey Foster


"Thank you for giving me my life back. Me and my family truly appreciate all the hard work."

King Millim


"Excellent attorney and willing to work with his clients. Would definitely recommend him."

Kyra Dawson


"Excellent representation, zero regrets about the decision to go with Mr. Chaney!"

Tremayne Harris


"Very professional and extremely helpful. I highly recommend Christopher Chaney."

David Mora


"There is no attorney that works harder or is more prepared than Mr. Chaney!"

Eric Barter


"One of the best, if not the best, criminal attorneys in all of Los Angeles."

Rich Chacon

G StevenG Steven

"Great customer service, I felt heard. And the free consultation was great!"

G Steven Hernandez


"Great experience, easy to work with, highly recommend."

Lily Arlees

Jessica A.Jessica A.

"The best law firm around! Great service and fast!"

Jessica Alfaro


"Professional and very knowledgeable!"

John Estrada


"Great lawyer, very professional."

Oscar Garcia


"Very attentive and helpful."

Chris Samsal