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Common Penalties Associated With Van Nuys Shooting Charges And Unlawful Weapon Possession

In Los Angeles County, a gun, in most cases, is viewed as a deadly weapon, and being illegally in possession of it is regarded as a severe offense. It even causes further damage if, unfortunately, a shooting occurs and a serious crime such as homicide or armed robbery is committed. Los Angeles police department will immediately arrest the convicted person. If you face such charges, seek assistance from a theft attorney or homicide attorney immediately.

There are several penalties related to the possession of a gun or another deadly weapon. However, weapon possession penalties greatly depend on the seriousness of the crime committed, the defendant’s past criminal record, the type of weapon involved, and the defendant’s intent with the weapon.

Below is an overview of penalties associated with a weapon felony.


Imprisonment tends to be the most common severe penalty imposed upon a person. In most cases, prison sentences tend to differ depending on various aspects, such as the person’s age and the severity of the crime. For instance, the minimum prison sentence for a weapon offense is five years for people above 18 years and three years for persons under the age of 18 years. For serious criminal offenses such as murder, it may even lead to life imprisonment.


Sometimes a probation period might be issued by a court when the defendant is found guilty of a crime. Probation lets the person remain in the community before serving their sentence but under serious supervision by a probation officer.


Criminal fines are typically reserved for crimes that carry less weight, such as theft and drug possession. The cost of a fine can vary widely depending on the type of crime. For misdemeanor felonies, the penalties might be minor, while for a felony conviction, that might cost quite a number.

In instances where one is found with shooting charges by the Los Angeles police department, a prosecutor should establish whether the defendant is guilty or not guilty of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt.

Depending on the circumstances, your attorney would be able to advise following defense or any other.

  • The defendant used the firearm in self-defense.
  • The defendant used the firearm to protect someone.
  • The defendant had no intention t cause any injury.
  • The defendant is not the same person who has been convicted of a crime.

Additionally, the defendant is allowed to present a defense in a variety of ways. Several strategies make it possible for a defendant to avoid penalties for their actions, depending on the unique circumstances of a case. The best way to determine your possible defenses is to seek assistance from a firearms defense attorney, but the following is an overview of a few examples.

Defenses Categorized On State Of Mind And Intent

Defenses based on the mind may be based on different categories, that are insanity, intoxication, mistake of law, or fact. When a defendant is categorized as insane, it essentially means that they had a mental disorder that made them impotent in distinguishing between right and wrong or instead made them unable to control their actions hence resisting violent impulses. The defense of insanity could render the defendant free from incarceration, but they may ultimately be detained in a psychiatric facility for treatment.

Similarly, the defense of intoxication means the defendant cannot meet all the constituents of the crime since they didn’t understand what they were doing.

For the mistake of law, this applies when a criminal defendant claims their actions were lawful.

Defenses Based On Justification

Defend of justification is categorized into self-defense, duress, and necessity. A crime can be justified as self-defense in an incident where the defendant claims they shot the intruder because of being threatened with a weapon.

Likewise, under duress defense, the defendant may argue they committed the crime because of being coerced to do something.

Ultimately, necessity defense arises due to the need to prevent further harm. You can consult with our experienced attorneys on your case. If you want to remain anonymous, we can help you maintain your privacy. You can call us on our cell phone, but not during non-business hours. We do not entertain text messages. We serve all prospects around the San Fernando Valley.

Defenses Alleging No Crime Occurred

There are several occurrences where a crime may be alleged that never occurred. A defendant might argue that a crime never happened due to consent. This is whereby a defendant claims there was no assault because the victim consented to the damage.

Secondly, a suspect can declare the defense of withdrawal. This happened when they intended to commit a crime but later changed their minds and withdrew from participation.

How to Respond to a Shooting In Van Nuys, Los Angeles County

A shooting occurrence can be a very unpleasant situation, particularly if many people are injured or if there is an officer-involved shooting. If found in such an unpleasant situation, the priority should be to call the police to the scene and get any victims to the local hospital.

Once the scene has been cleared of danger, the law enforcement detectives will begin an investigation. They may need the public’s assistance to get information for their investigation; if you are asked to provide information, be sure to respond calmly and respectfully. If the police officers suspect that you may have been involved, contact a lawyer immediately.

Instances Where a Van Nuys Shootout May Occur And Possible Consequences In Los Angeles

The high numbers of shootings in Van Nuys aren’t surprising for most LAPD officers. Anyone can be affected by firearm violence. It may be a woman getting shot at her apartment complex on Sherman Way, LA, or a man getting shot at a parking lot in his vehicle. From Hayvenhurst Avenue to Aldea Avenue, these acts of violence can happen just about anywhere.

These occurrences result in severe consequences for all parties involved, whether it’s losing a family member, an officer getting multiple gunshot wounds or an LAPD officer getting wounded. These are examples of the possible effects that may need to be reported to the Los Angeles police department for assistance if found in such a tragedy.

If you are found as a suspect in a crime and get arrested by the LAPD officers In Van Nuys, get to know your rights and seek assistance from an attorney.


Facing criminal charges might be a scary encounter, and more often, it may lead you to feel frightened and helpless. In your times of need, dedicate a legal advocate to provide you with the needed assistance. Above all, it’s essential to know your legal rights.

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