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How do you choose the right Russian immigration lawyer to suit your needs? Learn more about the Russian immigration lawyers at the Law Offices of Christopher Chaney.

Choosing the Right Russian Immigration Attorney

Immigration to the United States (US) is a complex process, and language barriers with your immigration attorney can make the process more stressful. In addition, it can lead to misunderstandings and potential mistakes in your immigration application.

Russian immigration attorneys that speak your native language and understand US immigration laws will ensure a smoother immigration process.

You should ask the following key questions to ensure that you find the right fit for you and your immigration needs:

  • Does the Russian-speaking immigration lawyer speak fluent Russian?
  • Does the immigration lawyer have a good law school education or qualification?
  • Does the immigration lawyer practice one area of immigration law only (E.g., business immigration, family immigration)?
  • Does the immigration lawyer have experience with US visa Russian immigration procedures and cases?

The questions above exemplify why the Law Offices of Christopher Chaney is a unique law firm. We can fluently communicate with our Russian clients who speak only their native language.

Further, we have experience defending our client’s rights in different areas of immigration law, including:

If you have family members in Russia who intend to immigrate to the US or relatives that currently reside in the US and want to adjust their status, contact the Law Offices of Christopher Chaney today.

Assisting Russian Immigrants With Various Immigration Issues

Our Russian Immigration lawyers are licensed to practice law in the US and can help you with various immigration issues. For instance, we assist clients in completing their green card, naturalization, and nonimmigrant visa applications.

We also provide legal representation for clients placed into removal proceedings (deportation). In addition, we can help Russian immigrants to apply for and obtain various US immigration benefits, including a Temporary Protected Status (TPS).

Our lawyers can assist immigrants in obtaining work permits that will authorize them to work in the US for any employer without restrictions. In addition, we can defend you in immigration courts and negotiate with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on your behalf.


Tackling Language and Cultural Barriers During the Immigration Process

Russian immigrants typically require legal assistance to protect their rights while meeting the USCIS’s immigration requirements. If mistakes are made while filing the paperwork, their application could be denied.

For this reason, we want our prospective clients to feel as comfortable as possible with us, which is why we operate in English, Spanish, and Russian. This allows our clients who prefer to speak Russian to feel relaxed during the process.

Every immigration case is unique, and we approach them individually. We also advise on possible legal strategies to help resolve immigration issues more promptly and effectively.

Russian Immigration Attorney Education and Qualification

Our immigration lawyers have represented clients across California in both state and federal courts in several high-profile immigration cases.

We are active members of the California State Bar and the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). Further, we have acquired degrees from some of the most prestigious law schools and have years of experience in the US justice system.


Helping Russian Nationals to Obtain Work Permits in the US

Most Russian immigrants travel to the US to use their occupational skills and learn new talents to advance their careers and support their families. The Law Offices of Christopher Chaney can help these immigrants to reach their life and career goals by assisting them in obtaining a work permit.

US employers who want to sponsor a Russian citizen to come and work in the US can do so with the assistance provided by our Russian immigration lawyers. We understand the law and are dedicated to ensuring your employee can enter and remain in the US.

Helping Russian Nationals With the Immigration Process

Thousands of Russian citizens move to the USnyearly for study, employment, or investment. These individuals require a valid visa to live in the US lawfully.

There are many ways a Russian national can immigrate. Consulting a Russian immigration lawyer can help you make the right immigration decision. We will discuss this with you in detail and provide you with the options available for your circumstances.

Our criminal defense attorney can also represent and assist individuals who have committed crimes in Russia in obtaining a certified copy of their criminal record to present to immigration.


Helping US Citizens Who Want to Migrate to Russia

Getting a Russian visa is complicated, so legal assistance is recommended. If you are planning to immigrate to Russia, contact our Russian immigration lawyers.

If you plan to migrate to Russia, you may require the legal services provided by our law firm. Our immigration lawyers will guide you through the visa procedure thoroughly. In addition, we may be able to present you with the information you need to know before migrating to Russia.

We can also provide you with information about the different types of visas available in Russian, as well as the transit visas you will need when you travel. In addition, our lawyers can help you apply for your tourist, business, student, or work visas to prevent you from making mistakes.

With our industry-specific and in-depth legal knowledge, we can provide our clients with solutions to their immigration concerns.

Providing US Immigration Law Advice and Communication

The Law Offices of Christopher Chaney is a leading law firm based in Los Angeles. We have offices in Van Nuys and Century City, where we have helped hundreds of clients successfully immigrate to the US.

We can provide legal services to clients with immigration issues in Los Angeles or other states in the US. We use various flexible communication and consultation methods as a modern law firm.

Our team comprises well-trained, experienced lawyers who speak Russian, Spanish, and English fluently. In addition, we can provide comprehensive legal advice and support to our Russian clients wherever they are in the world.

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