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If you're facing theft or robbery charges in Los Angeles, an attorney specializing in criminal defense at The Law Offices of Christopher Chaney can be essential in safeguarding your rights.

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Phenomenal Defense Lawyer! Mr. Chaney had the confidence to intelligently review the facts and circumstances of my case and craft a comprehensive legal strategy to yield the desired results without compromising his ethical and moral obligation. His interpersonal and public speaking skills were extraordinary and on parade; demonstrating a rare ability to articulate the truths of my case in a clear and concise manner before the United States Federal Court. Mr. Chaney's due diligence and commitment to my case far exceeded my expectations of a presumably straight-forward identity theft charge in state and federal courts.

Vinay Anne


I called Mr. Chaney a few times to get advise on my sons case and he was very patient and caring answering all my questions, even after the first “free” call. He must get many calls daily but he remembered me as well as the case a week later. He never pressured me about hiring him and was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. If you need a trustworthy ethical lawyer, Mr. Chaney is your man.

Guille Taylor


Mr. Chaney went above and beyond to help me with my case when no other firm was willing to do so. He kept in constant communication with me through emails and phone calls, always courteous and professional. I would definitely reach out to him again if needed and I also recommend him to anyone else that needs legal advice or counseling.

Rodney Perry

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