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Criminal appeals are time-sensitive and involve focused legal issues. Ensure you have the right criminal appeal attorney Los Angeles to represent you.

What Are Los Angeles Criminal Law Appeals?

In California, the court of appeals is the second level of appellate review. Appeals allow those convicted in the lower courts to have their cases reviewed by a higher court. The appeals process reviews a criminal court decision to determine whether the lower court made any errors. Therefore, the appeals process is fundamental to the American justice system.

When a trial court denies a defendant’s legal challenge, they may seek relief by filing an appeal with the appropriate appellate court. The appeals process is complex and requires a great deal of legal expertise. This is why you need an experienced Los Angeles criminal appeal attorney to help you navigate the complicated appeals process.

To discuss getting your criminal case appealed or your court records expunged, contact the Law Office of Christopher Chaney. We offer experienced legal representation and have a proven track record of success in criminal appeals, habeas corpus petitions, and expungements. Our criminal appeal attorneys in Los Angeles are dedicated to helping you win your case and get a fair trial.

We can help you evaluate whether you have legal grounds for an appeal and present evidence for a new trial. Our attorneys are familiar with the appellate process and can guide you through every step.

What Is a Criminal Appeals Lawyer?

A criminal appeals lawyer assists in the appeals process for defendants convicted of criminal offenses. The appeals process is the second phase of litigation following the trial. The appeals process is about defending one’s client’s innocence and challenging errors made by the lower court on procedural grounds.

Appealing criminal cases in Los Angeles can be complicated, and many considerations and steps must be taken before the case is appealed. A skilled appellate attorney will work within the following parameters to fight for their client.


Qualities of a Good Criminal Appeal Attorney

In general, a good criminal appeal attorney should have the following characteristics:

  • Compassionate

  • Competent

  • Ethical

  • Experienced

  • Meticulous

  • Persistent


Role of a Criminal Appeal Lawyer

Criminal appeal lawyers have the knowledge and experience to represent clients in all levels of state and federal courts. A criminal appeal lawyer’s job is to argue a client’s innocence or for a reduced sentence.

They do this by reviewing the trial record, investigating any possible errors that may have occurred during the trial process, and examining any new evidence that might be helpful to their client’s case.

The Law Office of Christopher Chaney handles appeals for the following:

  • Assault and battery

  • Burglary

  • Domestic violence

  • Drug offenses

  • Homicide

  • Misdemeanor offenses

  • Probation violations

  • Sex crimes

  • Theft

If you believe you had ineffective assistance from your initial trial attorney, that may be sufficient reason for your legal team to begin the appeals process.

An experienced criminal defense firm in Los Angeles understands the legal system and how to circumvent the appeals process. The Law Office of Christopher Chaney will do whatever it takes to present your appeal and give you a fighting chance.

How a Los Angeles Appellate Lawyer Can Help You

A criminal appeals attorney can help convicted defendant weigh their options. A skilled Los Angeles appeals attorney may provide the following services.

  • Look for mistakes made in the pretrial hearings and the trial, such as errors made by the trial lawyer, the former prosecutor, and the judge that may have violated their client’s rights.

  • Assess United States constitutional law and California “case law,” looking for discrepancies that may be useful in an appeal.

  • Provide an oral argument that the client is entirely or partially innocent of the charges for which they were convicted.

  • Seek to get the client released on bail for the duration of the appeal.

Since the case details are unique, the appellate court process will also be. Contact the Law Office of Christopher Chaney for a free consultation.


Best Time to Hire a Criminal Appeal Lawyer

The law is a complicated subject. Legal problems, such as being wrongfully convicted of a crime, might require the assistance of seasoned criminal defense attorneys with appeals experience. The right criminal defense attorney might be able to help you overturn a criminal conviction in Los Angeles, CA.

criminal law attorney can help you prepare for your hearing and appeal the judgment.

Cost of Hiring a Criminal Appeal Attorney

The cost of hiring a criminal appeal attorney may vary depending on the type of case being appealed, its complexity, and the law firm’s location. Even though hiring a criminal appeal lawyer may seem costly, appeals are complicated. You might only have one chance to appeal your case, so it is vital to get it right.

Contact the Law Office of Christopher Chaney to discuss the expense and payment options available to you.


Smart Criminal Appeals Lawyer in Los Angeles

If you have been convicted of a crime and want to appeal your case, a criminal appeals lawyer can help you. Convictions can be appealed for many reasons, such as if an accused was not informed of their rights during the trial or new evidence has emerged that exonerates them.

If you need help with this potentially difficult process, talk to an appeals lawyer in Los Angeles. The legal counsel of Christopher Chaney can help you determine what type of appeal is right for your case and how it should be structured.

Los Angeles Criminal Appeals Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Up the California Court System?

The California Court of Appeals is one of five state courts collectively called “appellate courts.” These are courts that hear appeals from other courts. In California, the five appellate courts are:

  1. California Supreme Court (the state’s highest court)
  2. Courts of Appeal
  3. Superior Courts
  4. Municipal Courts
  5. Juvenile Courts

The appeals process is the last step in the criminal justice system. This means that an appeal is the defendant’s final chance to have their conviction overturned or sentence reduced.


Is Your Appeal Likely to Be Successful?

An appeal in a criminal case usually depends on the charge brought against the person and the evidence against them. For example, if someone is charged with homicide and there is DNA evidence linking them to the crime scene, they may not be able to get off in appeals court.

Therefore, defendants must understand their charges and the evidence against them to decide what action to take. Consulting with a criminal appeals lawyer is an excellent initial step.

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